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How do I place an order at

Order your motorcycle gear, parts and accessoires easily online from your most comfortable chair or couch! 

The following steps describe how you can place an order at We stand for high quality customer service and therefore we will do our best to help each customer. But do not forget, we are just motorcycle fanatics aswell so there can always go something from. No worries though, we are here to solve every challenge!

Ten Kate Motoren - Bestelling Plaatsen

1. Online Shopping

On our website you will find motorcycle gear, accessoires and parts for any type of motorcycle and driver. We try to provide as much product information as possible to make sure you can find your favorite products with ease. Simply select your size and desired color (when possible), you will see the expected delivery time.  

Do you have any questions about the product? We are here to help you out, simply contact us by phone or e-mail. 

Did you find the product(s) you were looking for? Place it in your shopping cart by pressing the green button.

Tip: are you looking for specific parts for your motorcycle? Go to 'parts' and use the provided filters to find the parts for your motorcycle. 

2. Shopping Cart & Payment

Click on the green shopping cart button, you can find this on the top right side of the screen. Please check if your order is correct, specifically sizes and colors. If you want to enter a discount code, on the shopping cart page there is are two options. 1. When you go to your shopping cart, select 'view and edit'. On the this page there is a field 'apply discount code'. 2. When you are checking out you are able to enter a discount code in step 2 'Review & Payment'. 

In the next step you can proceed to payment within our highly secured check-out. Fill in your credentials and choose your payment method. Do you need any help here? 

Tip: are you experiencing and problems in your shopping cart or is the website not functioning? Try to refresh your browserhistory. 

3. Confirmation

When the order is placed and the payment accepted, you will receive an orderconfirmation by e-mail. In the e-mail you will find the ordered articles, the expected delivery time and your ordernumber. When contacting us, always make sure you have the ordernumber by hand!

Tip: haven't received an orderconfirmation? It is possible that the payment failed, or maybe the provided e-mail was wrong or the e-mail arrived in your spam box. Check this carefully to be sure.

4. Delivery

We are always busy with sending orders out as carefully and correct as possible. This proces happens at multiple storages, so it is possible that your order comes in multiple packages. 

With the delivery we are depending on PostNL. We are very satisfied with the delivery quality of PostNL, but unfortunatly it can always happen that something goes wrong. The postman can get into an accident for example or deliver your package at the wrong adres. We are counties on your understanding when these situations occur. Our customer service will always try to find the best possible solution for you and try to solve every challenge. 

5. Canceling

All order are as quickly as possible processed, which happens for the biggest part automatically. Therefore most of the times it's not possible to cancel an order. On the other hand it is possible to sent the package back, by using the provided return label. An other option is to decline the package at the door, so it will be sent back immidiatly to 

Is a product not available? Then we will inform you and give you the oppertunity to cancel the order. 

6. Returning or exchanging

It is possible the the ordered article is not meeting your wishes or simply doesn't fit. You can return or exchange it. This is a simple proces, but we do advice you to read our terms and conditions first. You will find these on the return label or on our return page. 

Short summery. you have the right to sent one or more of the ordered products back within 14 days. Use the product only as you would in the store. Damaged products or packaging can cause loss in value. Read our complete terms & conditions here. 

When returning products you have two options: 

- The total value of the order will be paid back. It is possible to make a new order right away to avoid long waiting and logistic processing. 

- Return and exchange. When your order arrives back at it will be exchanged by an other product of your choice. For example a different size of the same jacket. This will costs several days, because the product first needs to be delivered and processed. 

7. Received damaged products?

Did you receive a product which is damaged? We ask you to contact us as soon as possible within 14 days by sending an e-mail to

Please provide your phonenumber within this e-mail on which we can contact you during the day. When we have questions we can easily contact you and solve the problem as quick as possible. 

Is there something wrong after 14 days? Then your product can be submitted as warranty. 

8. Warranty & Repair

In general there is a standard 1 year warranty on all our products. Our warranty department is dependant on the supplier of the product. We only work here as an intermediary between the consumer and the supplier. The decision to replace, repair or refund is not up to Ten Kate Motoren to make. We will ofcourse do everything we can to find the best possible solution. 

Do you think you have the right on warranty? Sent an e-mail to and provide as much information as possible about the faults of the product. Please also provide your phonenumber on which we can call you during the day. The warranty proces can take a long time, because we work with a lot of Internation suppliers. Please keep this in mind.